Thursday, November 17, 2011

2008 Heritage-in honor of the 1959 Topps set

The 2008 Topps Heritage set has been made to look like the original 1959 Topps baseball card set, but featuring current baseball players.

Total cards in set 121


Common Player: .40
Common SP: 5.00
Inserted 1:3
Common Black Back: 1.50
Common High # (501-720): .40
Common High # SP: 5.00

Cubs Heritage Base

15 Sean Marshall
47 Jason Marquis
67 Rich Hill GB SP
67A Rich Hill BB
96 Mark DeRosa
105 Alfonso Soriano
123 Sam Fuld RC
128 Kevin Hart (RC)
147 Soriano/Ramirez/Lee
157 Aramis Ramirez
197 Derrek Lee GB SP
197A Derrek Lee BB
250 Felix Pie
260 Carlos Zambrano
304 Chicago Cubs
399 Ted Lilly
467 Ryan Theriot SP
481 Derrek Lee AS SP
491 Alfonso Soriano AS SP

Black Back Variations

67 Rich Hill BB
197 Derrek Lee BB
621 Jeff Samardzija BB
626 Carlos Marmol BB

Short prints

67 Rich Hill GB SP
197 Derrek Lee GB SP
467 Ryan Theriot SP
481 Derrek Lee AS SP
491 Alfonso Soriano AS SP
694 Mike Fontenot SP

Cubs Heritage High Numbers

550 Ryan Dempster
570 Geovany Soto
580 Kosuke Fukudome RC
610 Kerry Wood
621 Jeff Samardzija RC
621A Jeff Samardzija RC BB
626 Carlos Marmol
626A Carlos Marmol BB
694 Mike Fontenot SP


AS - All-Star
BB -Black Back
RC -Rookie
SP -Short Print

Will have pics and prices in a moment

Heritage Chrome:(#'d to 1959)

Parallels: Refractors (#'d to 559)
Black Refractors (#'d to 59)
C36 Derrek Lee
C107 Alfonso Soriano
C152 Rich Hill
C170 Carlos Zambrano
C204 Ryan Dempster
C207 Geovany Soto
C209 Kerry Wood
C210 Kosuke Fukudome

Refractors (#'d to 559)

Black Refractors (#'d to 59)

Then & Now

TN1 Ernie Banks/Jimmy Rollins
TN2 Alex Rodriguez/Ernie Banks


FB5 Kosuke Fukudome
BF3 Ernie Banks

Rookie Performers

RP5 Kosuke Fukudome
RP7 Jeff Samardzija

Real One Autographs

Parallels: Red Ink (#'d to 59)
AR Aramis Ramirez
CK Chick King
GS Geovany Soto HN
JB Jim Bolger

Red Ink (#'d to 59)

Real One Dual Autographs

BK Ernie Banks/Chick King 25
BR Ernie Banks/Aramis Ramirez 25

Clubhouse Collection Relics

AR Aramis Ramirez HN
AR Aramis Ramirez C
DL Derrek Lee HN
DL Derrek Lee C

Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics

BL Ernie Banks/Derrek Lee

Flashbacks Relics

EB Ernie Banks

Flashbacks Autographs

EB Ernie Banks

Advertising Panel

47 Sean Marshall/Craig Monroe/Aramis Ramirez

1959 Topps Buybacks

Buybacks 15 Dick Drott
Buybacks 29 Jim Bolger
Buybacks 46 Bill R. Henry
Buybacks 62 Tony Taylor
Buybacks 73 Ron Jackson
Buybacks 77 John Goryl
Buybacks 105 Lee Walls
Buybacks 113 Taylor Phillips
Buybacks 118 John Buzhardt RS
Buybacks 130 Lou Jackson RS
Buybacks 147 Cubs Clubbers Long/Banks/Moryn
Buybacks 153 Jim Marshall
Buybacks 177 John Briggs
Buybacks 193 Sammy Taylor
Buybacks 214 Marcelino Solis
Buybacks 226 Art Ceccarelli
Buybacks 226A Art Ceccarelli GB
Buybacks 234 Chuck Tanner
Buybacks 234 A Chuck Tanner GB
Buybacks 249 Bobby Adams
Buybacks 274 Jerry Kindall
Buybacks 274A Jerry Kindall GB
Buybacks 301 Earl Averill Jr
Buybacks 304 Chicago Cubs CL
Buybacks 319 Dave Hillman
Buybacks 334 Glen Hobbie
Buybacks 350 Ernie Banks
Buybacks 362A Dolan Nichols
Buybacks 367 Cal Neeman
Buybacks 388 Bob Will
Buybacks 407 Moe Drabowsky
Buybacks 414 Dale Long
Buybacks 429 Bobby Thomson
Buybacks 438 Sammy Esposito
Buybacks 447 Bob Anderson
Buybacks 469 Ernie Banks MVP Award
Buybacks 474 Moe Thacker
Buybacks 488 Walt Moryn
Buybacks 502 Alvin Dark
Buybacks 512 George Altman
Buybacks 520 Don Elston
Buybacks 538 Chick King
Buybacks 548 Elmer Singleton
Buybacks 559 Ernie Banks AS

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