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2003 Heritage-in honor of the very popular 1954 Topps set

This 430-card set, which was designed to honor the 1954 Topps set, which was the first year that Topps used two player pictures on the fronts of their cards, with a portrait and an action shot. The clean design is very popular among baseball card collectors.

Many cards in the set were issued in two varieties. A few cards were issued featuring either a logo used today or a scarcer version in which the logo was used in the 1954 set. In addition, some cards were printed with either the originally designed version or a black background. The black background version is the tougher of the two versions of each card. A few cards between 1 and 363 were produced in less quantities and all cards from 364 on up were short printed as well.

Chicago Cubs Checklist

Number Player
24 Hee Seop Choi
30A Sammy Sosa New Logo
30B Sammy Sosa Old Logo SP
55 Juan Cruz
76 Jon Lieber
161 Mark Bellhorn
202 Brendan Harris RC
219 Eric Karros
241 Mike Remlinger
243 Corey Patterson
274 Matt Clement
301 Nic Jackson
327 Kerry Wood
334 Antonio Alfonseca
358 Alex Gonzalez
395 Mark Prior SP
409 Moises Alou SP
415 Fred McGriff SP

2003 Heritage Chicago Cubs


Common Player: .40
30b Sammy Sosa SP 6.00


Common Player: 1.00-Production 1,954 Sets
Refractors: 1.5-2X-Production 554 Sets

Chrome THC11 Sammy Sosa  $3
Chrome THC94 Mark Prior  $1
Chrome Refractors THC11 Sammy Sosa  $5

Chrome Refractors THC94 Mark Prior $2

Real One Autographs:

Common Autograph: 15.00-Inserted 1:188
Special Editions (Red Ink):1.5-2X-Production 54

BT Bob Talbot
EB Ernie Banks

JW Jim Willis

Red Ink BT Bob Talbot $25

Red Ink EB Ernie Banks  $150
Red Ink JW Jim Willis $25

Grandstand Glory Stadium Seat:

EB Ernie Banks $20

Clubhouse Collection Relics:

Autograph Relics EB Ernie Banks jsy   $35

Dual Relics BW Banks/Woods  $80
Relics EB Ernie Banks Bat   $25

Relics KW Kerry Wood Jsy  $10

New Age Performers

NA5 Sammy Sosa $3

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