Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2005 Heritage-in honor of 1956 Topps Set

Basic Features

The 2005 version of Heritage honored the 1956 Topps set. Sprinkled throughout the set was a grouping of variation cards and other short printed cards.

2005 Heritage Chrome

There are 3 different chrome sets that are parallel to the base set. Each Chrome set is made up of 110 different cards:

  • Chrome /1956
  • Refractor /556
  • Black Refractor /56

Chicago Cubs 2005 Heritage Chrome Checklist:

Number Player
THC9 Mark Prior
THC20 Sammy Sosa
THC45 Kerry Wood
THC56 Greg Maddux
THC62 Nomar Garciaparra
THC78 Chadd Blasko
THC94 Sean Marshall

Chicago Cubs Clubhouse Collection Real One Autographs

Basic Features

signature/autograph cards that come in either blue or red ink. The "red ink" versions are the rarest, each being hand-numbered to 56. It is estimated that approximately 200 of each "blue ink" autograph card are in existance.

Chicago Cubs Real One Autographs Blue Checklist

Number Player
#BT Bill Tremel
#EB Ernie Banks
#MI Monte Irvin
#PM Paul Minner

Chicago Cubs Real One Autographs Red Checklist

Number Player
BT Bill Tremel
MI Monte Irvin
PM Paul Minner
EB Ernie Banks

Chicago Cubs Clubhouse Collection Flashbacks

Basic Features

Clubhouse Collection game used inserts returned with Relic, Dual Relic and Autographed Relic cards. The Relic cards are an excellent mix of current stars and Hall of Fame players. The 5 Dual Relics match up one current star and one Hall of Famer who played for the same teams. The 5 Autographed Relic cards all feature Hall of Fame players and are extremely rare, each serial numbered to 25 copies.

Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics BG Banks Bat/Garciaparra Bat -$85

Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relics #EB Ernie Banks Bat -$200.00

Clubhouse Collection Relics EB Ernie Banks Bat $15

Flashbacks EB Ernie Banks

Flashbacks Seat Relics EB Ernie Banks $15

Flashbacks Autograph Seat Relics EB Ernie Banks -$200

Flashbacks Autographs EB Ernie Banks-$200

Chicago Cubs New Age Performers Checklist

Basic Features

This insert set highlights the best statistical performers from the 2004 season and compared them to the players in the 1956 season.

New Age Performers 8 Sammy Sosa

New Age Performers 14 Nomar Garciaparra

Chicago Cubs Gray Backs / White Backs Checklist

In 1956 the first 180 cards could be found with either a white or gray back. In 2005 Topps did this this with Heritage, and there were eight different Cubs with both grey/white cards.

Number Player
18 Derrek Lee
55 Carlos Zambrano
128 Tom Goodwin
204 Kyle Farnsworth
267 Todd Hollandsworth
320 LaTroy Hawkins
323 Joe Borowski
390 Michael Barrett

Chicago Cubs Heritage base set with short prints

Number Player
11 Chicago Cubs TC
18 Derrek Lee
55 Carlos Zambrano
69A Mark Prior New C on Cap
69B Mark Prior Old C on Cap SP
125A Nomar Garciaparra Red Bill
125B Nomar Garciaparra Blue Bill SP
128 Tom Goodwin
204 Kyle Farnsworth
267 Todd Hollandsworth
276 Greg Maddux
300A Sammy Sosa Hitting
300B Sammy Sosa Standing SP
320 LaTroy Hawkins
323 Joe Borowski
327 Corey Patterson
373 Chadd Blasko RC
390 Michael Barrett
399 Kerry Wood SP
413 Aramis Ramirez SP
430 Mark Grudzielanek SP
456 Sean Marshall SP RC
462 Moises Alou SP
469 Todd Walker SP

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