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Cubs dynasty 1906-1910

Cubs dynasty lasted for five years but what a run from the famous Merkle game to the greatest team ever 1907 cubs lets go by year:

1906 Chicago Cubs
Home Field: West Side Grounds
N.L. Champions
W - 116 L - 36 .763 best all time percentage
Manager: Frank Chance

Starting a great run over the next several years. The 1906 Cubs won 116 games, more than any team in baseball history.Chicago's pitchers boasted a 1.76 staff ERA Three Finger Brown won 26 games and had a 1.04 ERA. Jack Pfiester was 20-8 with a 1.56 ERA and Ed Reulbach was 19-4 and 1.65. Cubs famous double play team of shortstop Joe Tinker, second baseman Johnny Evers, and first baseman Frank Chance. Catcher Johnny Kling, and third baseman Harry Steinfeldt all topped the .300 mark. 20 game lead over the National League's second best team. They were a confident team, perhaps too much so, as they met the hitless wonders white sox in baseball's third World Series.In perhaps the greatest upset in post-season history, the Cubs lost the World Series four games to two.

1907 Chicago Cubs
Home Field: West Side Grounds
N.L. Champions
W - 107 L - 45 .704
Manager: Frank Chance

Many say the best team ever played the game
The 1907 cubs won a 107 games behind great pitching which rang up the lowest team earned run average in baseball history. Using an arsenal of fastballs, curves, changeups and legal spitballs the Cubs pitchers produced a team 1.73 ERA the lowest team average ever. Five of the Cubs pitchers finished in the top six in National League in ERA.

Player Wins ERA IP
Orval Overall 23 1.68 268.1
Mordecai Brown 20 1.39 233
Carl Lundgren 18 1.17 207
Jack Pfiester 14 1.15 195
Ed Reulbach 17 1.69 192
Chick Fraser 8 2.28 138.1
Jack Taylor 7 3.29 123

Back in the World Series after its shocking upset in 1906, this time the Chicago Cubs left nothing to chance, sweeping the Tigers. Game 1 resulted in a 3-3 tie, called on account of darkness after 12 innings. The Cubs were quickly becoming baseball's first "dynasty" making their second post-season championship appearance, They had outstanding offense from Steinfeldt and Evers, who batted .471 and .350, respectively (with Steinfeldt getting seven hits in the last three games of the Series and Evers getting seven in the first three games). stealing seven bases in Game 1 and finishing the Series with eighteen. Chicago's pitching staff held a potentially threatening Tigers line-up to forty-three scoreless innings out of forty-eight and shut down the American League's top hitter of 1907, Ty Cobb Cobb managed only a .200 average in the Series after batting .350 in the regular season

1908 Chicago Cubs
Home Field: West Side Grounds
N.L. Champions
W-99 L-55 .643
Manager: Frank Chance

The Cubs became the first team to record three consecutive World Series appearances and two consecutive World Series victories they had just become sports first official "dynasty".
The Chicago club featured two twenty-game winners, Mordecai "Three Fingers" Brown,a career-high 29 and Ed Reulbach, and the fabled double play combination of Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers,their only .300 hitter.
This was the year of the infamous "Merkle" the last game of the season Merkle did not step on second base on a winning hit for the Giants therefore run was nullified, the Giants' victory erased, and the score of the game remained tied causing the game to be replayed and the Cubs to reach the World Series in a one-game playoff. Thank you Bonehead.
The 1908 World Series matched the defending champion Chicago Cubs against the Detroit Tigers. In this first-ever rematch of this young event, Game 1 recalled memories of the previous year's opener as the Tigers held a surprising lead going into the ninth inning. Ed Simmons retired Johnny Evers to open the inning, The twenty-four game winner was two outs away from Series leading victory, when suddenly everything went bad. Simmons yielded six consecutive hits resulting in five runs. Chicago won 10-6, true champs always win the tuff ones.The cubs went on to win three out of the next four and a second consecutive title. The final game in Detroit saw 6,210 fans turn out for the smallest crowd in Series history.

1909 Chicago Cubs
Home Field: West Side Grounds
Finished 2nd in N. L.
W-104 L-49
Manager: Frank Chance

The 1909 Chicago Cubs won 104 games but finished second in the National
League, behind the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Cubs had won the pennant the
previous three years and would win it again in 1910.
The legendary infield of Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers, Frank Chance, and
Harry Steinfeldt was still intact, but it was the pitching staff that
excelled. Chicago's pitching continued to be its strongest suit.
Three Finger Brown had a 27-9, 1.31 ERA
Orvall Overall was 20-11 with a 1.42 ERA
Ed Reulbach won 19 games and had a 1.78 ERA.
The Cubs pitchers had a collective earned run average of 1.75, a microscopic
figure even for the dead-ball era.
Catcher Johnny Kling, In early 1909 he won the World Pocket Billiards
Championship and stopped playing baseball to defend that title.and resulted in a off year.
A few more records-The Cubs beat Boston a National League record 21 times during the
season.-Cub Jimmy Sheckard collects a National League record 46 sacrifice
hits.-The Cubs win 104 games, the most ever by a runner-up team.

1910 Chicago Cubs
Home Field: West Side Grounds
N.L. Champions
W-104 L-50 .675
Manager: Frank Chance

The cubs led the NL agian with an ERA of 2.51 of course Mordecai Brown led the pitching staff with 25 wins and 143 strikeouts.
After a year off, the Cubs returned to the World Series for the fourth time in five seasons, and came in rated as favorites over the youthful Athletics The Cubs avoided an embarrassing sweep with a 4-3 victory in Game 4 The glory years came to a end. Tinker and Evers reportedly could not stand each other, and rarely spoke off the field. Evers, a high-strung, argumentative man, suffered a nervous breakdown in 1911 and did not play much. Chance suffered a near-fatal beaning the same year. The trio played together little after that. In 1913, Chance went to manage the New York Yankees and Tinker went to Cincinnati to manage the Reds, and that was the end of one of the most notable infields in baseball. They were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame together in 1946.
Jimmy Archer became the first player to appear in a World Series for both the National and American leagues when he took the field in Game 3 for Chicago. Archer played for the Tigers in the 1907 World Series

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