Monday, September 28, 2009

Cubs error cards

An error card is a sports card that contains some sort of mistake, such as a misspelling or a photo of someone other than the Cub player named on the card. In previous decades, card manufacturers often corrected errors when they were discovered. This led to situations where one of the cards-either the correct or incorrect version, depending on when the mistake was found and how many of each type got into circulation-sold for substantial premiums on the secondary market.

abbreviated terms or acronyms.

No more cards with the correct information will ever be produced.

COR-means Corrected Error, so there are different variations.

Topps 16 Gene Hermanski 35 Hank Sauer red or black backs 1952 Topps

Topps 92, 1953Hank Sauer 130, Paul Minner 111144 Turk Lown155 Bob Schultz157 Dutch LeonardBob Addis The backs of the cards, which contain personal data, are found in either black or white ink. The cards with the black text seem to be more scarce, but they both have the same book value in the price guides.

The Cubs are from the 1956 Topps team.The different cards are commonly referred to by collectors as the "dated," "undated," and "centered" cards. The first release showed a team picture, obviously taken the year before and correctly labeled as "1955 Chicago Cubs." For some reason, perhaps because it was confusing to have a card labeled "1955" in a 1956 set, Topps reprinted these cards, blacking out the space where the date had appeared. This resulted in the team name being off center in the black box where it appeared. Topps finally issued a third version with the team name centered in the box.

11 (a) 1956 Chicago Cubs Team Card-No Date/Name Centered

11 (b) 1956 Chicago Cubs Team Card/Dated 1955

11 (c) 1956 Chicago Cubs Team Card/off centered left

1957 Topps 176 Gene Baker a misspelled bakeb on back $ 176 b Corrected

1958 Topps 33A Cal Neeman (WT) 33B (YT) that feature either player or team names in yellow letters, instead of the more common white letter variation.

1959 Topps There are 3 Option statement variation cards with, and without the statement, 362A Dolan Nichols(W Opt) 3626B (No Opt) look under the 362

1962 Topps 119 Danny Murphy 170 Ron Santo 191 Jim Brewer The second series (110-196) had variations of cards with a "green tint" the result of a flawed printing process occurring early in the second series run.

1963 Topps #113 That’s not Don Landrum … that’s Chicago Cubs Legend Ron Santo!
Dick Ellsworth1966 Topps #447put Ken Hubbs on Dick Ellsworth’s 1966 card. Hubbs was a Cubs’ fielding prospect who died in February,

1964 topps Card 43A - Don Landrum (Dark button on pants showing) Card 43B-Don Landrum 43C -Don Landrum (Button on pants not showing)

1968 356A Checklist 5 Ken Holtzman Head Centered within Circle 356B Ken Holtzman Head Shifted Right within Circle.

1969 Topps Card 47A Paul Popovich No C on Helmet - Thick Airbrush, 47B No helmet emblem, light airbrushing, 47C - C emblem on helmet was traded on November 30, 1967 to the DODGERS not a true cub card but one of my favorite players

1972 Topps 18A Juan Pizarro (Yellow under C and S) 18B Juan Pizarro (Green under C and S) 45A Glenn Beckert (Yellow under C and S) 45B Glenn Beckert (Yellow under C and S) 117A Cleo James (Yellow under C and S) 117B Cleo James (Yellow under C and S)

1973 Topps Baseball 81A Cubs MG/CO's Whitey Lockman MG Hank Aguirre CO Ernie Banks CO Larry Jansen CO Pete Reiser CO (Solid backgrounds) 81B Cubs MG/CO's (Natural backgrounds)81A Cubs MG/CO's (solid BG)81B Cubs MG/CO's (natural BG)

1974 Topps Card 161 Ray Burris UER RC (Rookie Card) (Card number is Printed Sideways)

1975 Hostess #11b Burt Hooton CORRECTED Variation 11a Bert Hooton ERROR Variation ('Bert' on card)

1977 Topps Card 634 Brothers Paul Reuschel Rick Reuschel UER (Photos switched)
I'm sure there are more let me know if you have any.


  1. i actually own one of the"brother goof" card

  2. I have 2 1968 Ernie Banks Topps Cards. One is normal but the other has no black ink. Mis print I suppose. I can’t seem to find anyone who has the same card. Any one have the misprint one and any idea on value.

  3. I have a 2001 upper deck sweet spot #38 sammy sosa error card, it has sosa's picture but has richie sexson, milwaukee brewers name on front. I have only heard of one other but it hand a bent corner, i have no idea what the value would be