Saturday, April 14, 2012

1934 (Silver Border) Diamond Matchbooks Cubs team set

In 1934 Diamond Match Co. of N.Y.C. release a set of matchbooks that featured 200 players, in 4 different background colors (red,blue,green and orange) for a total of 800 different covers.

The front of the matchbook has a black and white player photo surrounded by a silver border. The player's name and team appear above the photo on the saddle of the matchbook.

This set features plenty of cub players 24 to be exact so thats a total of 96 covers.
Charlie Grimm and Woody English are shown in two different poses. Players are listed in alphabetical order.
As you can see I have long way to go in finishing off this collection. Later on this week I will show the 1936 U3-2 collection of the Diamond Matchbooks which show cases 21 great cub players in 3 different colors


  1. Mike,
    Great site. I was wondering if I could copy an image from your site? 1941 Playball #1/2 Larry French and Vance Page...
    let me know.