Friday, October 21, 2011

1956 Topps reverse side

Although card backs are rarely mentioned, the back can be highly fascinating. By offering facts that people might not be aware of, they complete a picture. A treasure trove of interesting, amusing, and practical information on baseball trivia. Children and adults both enjoyed the cartoons on the back. Some of them featured tests on baseball's history or regulations.

1956 Topps is similar in design to 1955 and 1954 cards and sometimes use the same pictures. This set features 340 player cards using 2 player photos on the front, one color portrait and one black and white action photo.

Two unnumbered checklists were included which was a Topps first. Because these were often tossed away, they can carry a premium today. Also team cards were introduced for the first time in a Topps set. Of the sixteen team cards that are in the 1956 set, six come with three different variations and two of those have gray and white back variations. The three team card variations have either the team name centered on the front of the card, are dated with the year 1955, or have the team name to the far left. it is the dated examples which are valued the highest

Cards 1 thru 180 have either white or gray backs with the first 100 cards containing more white backs while the last 80 cards contain more gray back examples. The remaining 160 cards in the set are all of the gray back variety. The back of a player's card contains the number, the players name, height, weight, and home along with his position, team, the way he throws and bats and his birthdate. The middle section of the card takes up nearly half of the card back and has three colorful cartoons depicting different career highlights or personal information. The lower section of the card back supplies that player's statistical information from the previous season and his career totals from the major or minor leagues.


Series I: 1-100
Series II: 101-180
Series III: 181-260
Series IV: 261-340
There is no “high” series


Number Player
11A Chicago Cubs TC (No Date Name Centered)
11B Chicago Cubs TC (Dated 1955)
11C Chicago Cubs TC (No Date Name Left)
11D Chicago Cubs TC GB
15 Ernie Banks DP
15A Ernie Banks GB
41 Hank Sauer
41A Hank Sauer GB
66 Bob Speake
66A Bob Speake GB
74 Jim King
74A Jim King GB
96 Bill Tremel
96A Bill Tremel GB
102 Jim Davis
102 Jim Davis WB
112 Dee Fondy
112 Dee Fondy WB
124 Don Kaiser
124 Don Kaiser WB
142 Gene Baker
142 Gene Baker WB
179 Harry Chiti
179 Harry Chiti WB
182 Paul Minner
194 Monte Irvin
214 Bob Rush
227 Russ Meyer
250 Larry Doby
259 Sam Jones
282 Warren Hacker
285 Eddie Miksis
291 Frank Kellert RC
314 Hobie Landrith
335 Don Hoak

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