Sunday, October 2, 2011

1965 Topps reverse side

The 1965 Topps set consists of 598 cards, with each card measuring 2 12 x 3 12 in size. The front of the card consists of a framed photo or, on some occasions, a painted portrait of a player or players in a variety of different poses. These are either close-up facial shots or batting, fielding, or pitching poses. The lower left corner of the card front has the player's team name and logo fixed inside a pennant against one of nine background colors, which can be either green, red, black, light blue, grey, purple, orange, blue, or light green.

On the lower right of the card, the player's name and position appear (with the position in a lower font). The card back has the card number in the upper left corner, inside a baseball with the word "Topps." There is also a blurb about the player, drawn as a cartoon, and below that is the player's bio and statistics.

Very little about card backs is ever discussed, but the reverse side can be very interesting. They complete a picture by providing information that people might not know. A wealth of info. Fun, funny, and useful facts with trivia about all aspects of baseball. The cartoons on the back appealed to kids and adults alike. Some included quizzes about baseball history or baseball rules.

Released in 7 series
1 (1-88)
2 (89-176)
3 (177-264)
4 (265-352)
5 (353-429)
6 (430-506)
7 (507-598)

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