Friday, March 2, 2012

1969 Topps reverse side

Although card backs are rarely mentioned, the back can be highly fascinating. By offering facts that people might not be aware of, they complete a picture. A treasure trove of interesting, amusing, and practical information on baseball trivia. Children and adults both enjoyed the cartoons on the back. Some of them featured tests on baseball's history or regulations.

Number of Cards

1969 Topps grew to a new high of 664 cards

Size of Cards

Standard size , which measure 2½” by 3½”.

Basic Features

The front of these cards contain a color photograph of the player with the players team listed along the bottom and the players name and position inside a colored circle located at the top.

The backs returned to the horizontal format with the standard statistical and bigraphical information with a cartoon.


Multi-Player (MP)
statistical leaders (LL)
Checklist cards (CL)
World Series Highlight (WS)

Released in 7 series

Series 1 (1-109)
Series 2 (110-218)
Series 3 (219-327)
Series 4 (328-425)
Series 5 (426-512)
Series 6 (513-588)
Series 7 (589-664)

Short Prints

The high number series (589-664) is slightly more expensive to collect

1969 Topps Fronts

Chicago Cubs 1969 Topps Checklist

Number Player
4 NL RBI Leaders Santo/Williams
6 NL Home Run Leaders Ernie Banks
10 NL Pitching Leaders Fergie Jenkins
12 NL Strikeout Leaders Fergie Jenkins
20 Ernie Banks
43 Joe Niekro
63 Jim Hickman
88 Rich Nye
115 Bill Hands
147 Leo Durocher MG
171 Glenn Beckert
198 Willie Smith
225 Don Kessinger
247 Gene Oliver
268 Al Spangler
288 Ken Holtzman
312 Lee Elia
347 Randy Hundley
372 Adolfo Phillips
404 Rookie Stars LaRose/Ross RC
420 Ron Santo AS
422 Don Kessinger AS
450 Billy Williams
483 Ted Abernathy
535 Phil Regan
538 Charlie Smith
570 Ron Santo
593 Don Nottebart
602 Rookie Stars Distaso/Young/Qualls RC
640 Ferguson Jenkins

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