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1992 Leaf Chicago Cubs

Number of Cards

1992 Donruss Leaf has 528 cards which there are 22 Cubs players

Card Dimensions

The standard-sized cards are the following dimensions: 2-1/2" by 3-1/2"

Basic Features

The 1992 Leaf is a 528-card set, issued in two separate 264-card series. Each pack contained one black-and-gold parallel card. The basic card fronts feature color action player photos on a silver card face. The player's name appears in a black bar, edged at the bottom by a thin red stripe. The team logo overlaps the bar in the right corner. The normal stats and bio were on the back, which included another photo.

Every Cubs fan has to get this fairly significant 1990s set with fantastic action images of players because 1992 Leaf was one of the first sets to include an insert.

1992 Leaf Parallels Black Gold

Every 1992 Leaf pack contained a Black Gold card. The cards are similar to the standard Leaf cards, with the exception that the card face is black rather than silver and emphasized by a gold foil inner border. This was a revolutionary idea at the time. The horizontal backs also feature a gold background rather than a silver one. The collection is notable because it is among the earliest instances of a parallel in collecting.

1992 Leaf Inserts Gold Leaf Rookies

The most promising newbies from 1992 are honored. Full-bleed color action shots are featured on the fronts, with gold foil border stripes adding extra flair. The player's name appears in a black bar that runs between the bottom two diamonds and a gold foil diamond appears at each corner of the image frame.

1992 Leaf Preview Set

Those dealers who purchased 1992 Donruss factory sets directly from Donruss received this 33-card set in two-card packs.

Chicago Cubs 1992 Donruss Leaf Checklist

Number Player
6 Gary Scott
26 Mark Grace
30 Dave Smith
51 Doug Dascenzo
72 Joe Girardi
117 Paul Assenmacher
158 Chuck McElroy
162 Shawn Boskie
183 Andre Dawson
204 Mike Morgan
249 Shawon Dunston
270 Jose Vizcaino
290 Frank Castillo
294 Greg Maddux
317 Ryne Sandberg
331 Ryan Sandberg CL
336 Rick Wilkins
381 Danny Jackson
412 Sammy Sosa
437 Bob Scanlan
476 Doug Strange
509 Ken Patterson

1992 Leaf Parallels Black Gold

1992 Leaf Inserts Gold Leaf Rookies

Turk Wendell 1992 Leaf Gold Rookies # BC5

1992 Leaf Preview Set

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