Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 a Look into the Future

Today is 12-12-12, the last major numerical date for almost another century.

Let's go back a century and see what the Cubs were up to.
The Cubs finished the season in 3rd place but surpass 90 wins posting a record of 91-59.

This black-and-white panoramic postcard shows the entire 1912 West Side Grounds Chicago Cubs Baseball Park. A caption near the top left corner reads, "Chicago National League Baseball Park - 'Cubs'," and another near the other end panel's top right reads, "Copyright & Publishing 1912 By Max Rigot. 37 S. Wabash Ave. - Chicago."

Lets look at the games played on the 12th from last century to the next century.

Date                           Opponent              win-loss
4/12/1912                 at Cincinnati Reds      L
6/12/1912                 at New York Giants    L
7/12/1912                 vs Boston Braves       W
8/12/1912                 at Boston Braves       W
9/12/1912                  at Boston Braves       L
9/12/1912                 at Boston Braves        L

Date                           Opponent                 win-loss
4/12/2012                vs Milwaukee Brewers   W
5/12/2012                at Milwaukee Brewers     L
6/12/2012                 vs Detroit Tigers            W
8/12/2012                 vs Cincinnati Reds          L
9/12/2012                 at Houston Astros          W

from the effects of the polar shift in 2052 there is no east coast or west coast teams left but the game has a world wide influence

Date                        Opponent                      win-loss
1/12/2112                 vs Hubli Creepers            L
2/12/2112                 at Milwaukee Brewers     W
3/12/2112                 vs Cincinnati Reds          W
4/12/2112                  at Houston Astros           L
5/12/2112                 vs St. Louis Cardinals     W
6/12/2112                  at Chengdu  Dragons     W

With global warming games start much earler in the season and of course the Cubs win!!!

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