Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball marks the brand's third year as a modern set. Just like past years, every hobby box is going to contain two autograph cards, two relic cards and one 10-card mini box.The big difference is this year Topps is introducing bat barrel and mini button cards from the top players of the year.

2013 checklist so far looks a little thin. As you can see from the 2011 set the Cubs are down from 16 to 10.
Also I wouldn’t mind a few different old timers instead of the normal trio of Banks, Sandberg and Dawson.

Set to arrive in early April





2013 Gypsy Queen Cubs no checklist yet

Base Set Checklist
* Base Cards (300) - veterans, rookies & retired players
* Short Printed Base Cards (50) - additional subjects from the first 300
* Base Card Variations - shares a card number with one of the 350 base subjects
    2012 checklist
    62 Alfonso Soriano
    72 Ryan Dempster
    94 Matt Garza
    123 Geovany Soto
    231 Andre Dawson
    257 Ryne Sandberg
    264 Ernie Banks
    273 Starlin Castro
    347 Ernie Banks

* Hometown Currency Parallel - relic card featuring a U.S. State Quarter from where the player was born- NEW!
* Framed Parallel - Cards will have a blue paper frame
*Silver Framed Parallel - NEW!

Checklist 1887 Penny Parallel 2012
    IHP-AD Andre Dawson
    IHP-EB Ernie Banks
    IHP-RS Ryne Sandberg
    IHP-SC Starlin Castro

2012 Gypsy Queen

2011 Gypsy Queen

* Autograph Cards - On-card Autos of veterans, rookies & retired stars
* Auto Relic Cards - standard-sized On-Card Autos featuring a Game-Used Relic; seq #’d to 25 or less
* Dual Auto Relic Cards - 2 Autos & 2 Relic swatches; seq #’d to 25 or less
* Triple Auto Relic Cards - 3 auto stickers & 3 relic swatches; seq #’d to 10 or less

Autographs 2012 and 2011
    GQA-MB Marlon Byrd
    GQA-RS Ryne Sandberg
    GQA-SC Starlin Castro
    GQA-TW Travis Wood
2011 and 2012 Gypsy Queen

* Game-Used Bat & Game-Worn Jersey Relics - veterans & retired stars
- Black Parallel #’d to 25 (jumbo-size relic) – NEW!
* Game-Used Bat & Game-Worn Jersey Mini Relics – veterans & retired stars - cards will be framed
- Black Parallel #’d to 10 - both the card border & frame will be black, & certain uniform relics will be patches– NEW!
* Bat Barrels - featuring the name plate from the bat barrel #’d to 1 - NEW!
* Original Art Patch Cards - Cards will be hand-painted original Gypsy Queen-style portraits; with a game-used patch - #’d 1/1
Hard to belive agian there are no relic Cubs cards on topps checklist for 2013 this is the only relic card without auto ever for the Cubs from 2011.

INSERT CARDS include::
* No Hitters – NEW!
* Dealing Aces – NEW!
* Sliding Stars
* Insert Cards Printing Plates - printing plates of each of the inserts
* Collisions at the Plate – NEW!
* Glove Stories

*Autographed Minis – On-Card Autos - exclusive to the mini-box; #’d to 10
* Mini Auto Relic Books - one panel will include a relic, and the other will include an autograph sticker; NEW!
* Mini Button Cards - mini relic card will include a button from the player’s jersey #’d to 3 – NEW!
* Mini-Box Variations - variations of 100 base card subjects w/new images
* Base Cards - Original Gypsy Queen-sized version of the base set
* Black Parallel #’d to 199
* Green Parallel #’d to 99
* Sepia-Tone Parallel #’d to 50
* Mini Printing Plates - Framed printing plates of the base minis & the mini-box variations – Hobby Only!
* Wood Minis - #’d to 5
* Leather Minis - #’d 1 of 1


  1. No Ron Santo. Does his estate have an exclusive contract with Panini?

  2. As of yet Ron Santo hasn’t been in any checklist for the 2013 Topps sets.

  3. Are Dempster & Soto really Cubs in this set? They were already Rangers in 2012 Topps Update. Wonder if they've already doctored a Red Sox photo for Dempster.

    Nice post. It was good to see all that info in one place.

  4. Sorry for the confusion this is 2012 checklist there is no 2013 yet when it comes out I will post it.

    62 Alfonso Soriano
    72 Ryan Dempster
    94 Matt Garza
    123 Geovany Soto
    231 Andre Dawson
    257 Ryne Sandberg
    264 Ernie Banks
    273 Starlin Castro
    347 Ernie Banks