Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1978 TCMA 60'S CUBS

The TCMA Stars of the 60's consists of 293 standard-size cards, all of which measure 2 12" by 3 12". This set was issued through hobby dealers at the time and was TCMA's second set of retired players. The set uses many photos from Mike Aronstein's library of photos. Many of the great and not-so-great players of the 60's are featured. The fronts have a color photo with a black frameline and a white border. Backs have a short bio. The whole set should set you back $5. Not bad for 2 HOFers.

Chicago Cubs Checklist

18 Ernie Broglio
22 Ron Santo
96 Joe Amalfitano
143 Don Elston
243 Jim Brewer
255 Ernie Banks
281 Rich Nye
286 Larry Jackson
291 John Boccabella

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