Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1957 Topps reverse side

Although card backs are rarely mentioned, the back can be highly fascinating. By offering facts that people might not be aware of, they complete a picture. A treasure trove of interesting, amusing, and practical information on baseball trivia. Children and adults both enjoyed the cartoons on the back. Some of them featured tests on baseball's history or regulations.

The back has the card number in the upper left corner, inside a baseball with the word "Topps." There is also a blurb about the player, drawn as a cartoon, and below that is the player's bio and statistics.

Chicago Cubs 1957 Topps Checklist

Number Player
16 Walt Moryn
42 Dee Fondy Jr
55 Ernie Banks
74 RC Vito Valentinetti
84 RC Moe Drabowsky
134 Don Kaiser
137 Bob Rush
155 Jim Brosnan
159 RC Solly Drake
176 Gene Baker
176b Gene Baker
183 Chicago Cubs Team
186 Jim King
218 Ray Jablonski
235 Tom Poholsky
247 Turk Lown
255 Charlie Silvera
268 Jackie Collum
289 DP Jim Bolger
339 Bob Speake
346 Dick Littlefield
351 RC Dave Hillman
353 RC Cal Neeman
371 Bob Lennon
378 Elmer Singleton
396 RC Casey Wise

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