Sunday, August 21, 2011

1961 Topps reverse side

Although card backs are rarely mentioned, the back can be highly fascinating. By offering facts that people might not be aware of, they complete a picture. A treasure trove of interesting, amusing, and practical information on baseball trivia. Children and adults both enjoyed the cartoons on the back. Some of them featured tests on baseball's history or regulations.

In the upper left corner of the back, inside a baseball with the phrase "Topps," is the card number. A three-pane cartoon was featured in addition to the athlete's bio and statistics, as well as a brief description of the player.

Chicago Cubs 1961 Topps Checklist

Number Player
12 Moe Thacker
27 Jerry Kindall
35 Ron Santo RC
43 NL Home Run Leaders
58 Joe Schaffernoth RC
88 Richie Ashburn
107 Seth Morehead
122 Chicago Cubs TC
141 Billy Williams RC
169 Don Elston
196 Ed Bouchee
214 Danny Murphy RC
231 Dick Drott
253 Sammy Taylor
264 Glen Hobbie
283 Bob Anderson
302 Al Heist RC
317 Jim Brewer RC
350 Ernie Banks
364 Moe Drabowsky
382 Frank Thomas
393 Batter Bafflers
427 Dick Ellsworth
441 Dick Bertell RC
481 Hank Sauer MVP
485 Ernie Banks MVP
493 Don Zimmer UER
512 Bob Will
533 Jack Curtis RC
551 George Altman
564 Don Cardwell
575 Ernie Banks AS

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