Sunday, August 28, 2011

1962 Topps reverse side

Although card backs are rarely mentioned, the back can be highly fascinating. By offering facts that people might not be aware of, they complete a picture. A treasure trove of interesting, amusing, and practical information on baseball trivia. Children and adults both enjoyed the cartoons on the back. Some of them featured tests on baseball's history or regulations.

The back was done in orange and black ink, and the contrasting black font and shading background. The card number is in the upper left corner There is also a blurb about the player, drawn as a cartoon, and below that is the player's bio and statistics.

Chicago Cubs 1962 Topps Checklist

Number Player
25 Ernie Banks
47 Bob Will
66 Cuno Barragan UER RC
89 Barney Schultz RC
119 Danny Murphy
119A Danny Murphy Green Tint
170 Ron Santo
170A Ron Santo Green Tint
191 Jim Brewer
191A Jim Brewer Green Tint
240 George Altman
264 Dick Ellsworth
274 Sammy Taylor
288 Billy Williams
309 Moe Morhardt RC
359 Bobby Locke
372 Jack Curtis
387 Lou Brock RC
446 Don Elston
458 Bob Buhl M on Cap
458A Bob Buhl Plain Cap 
461 Ken Hubbs RC
477 Andre Rodgers
495 Don Cardwell
546 Moe Thacker SP
552 Chicago Cubs TC SP
557 Bob Anderson SP
585 Glen Hobbie SP
597 Rookie Parade

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