Sunday, August 28, 2011

1962 Topps reverse side

1962 Topps was the largest set of baseball cards ever issued. The set consists of 598 cards, , plus a number of different variations that contributed to the challenge of completing this set. The dimensions of the cards are 2 ½ x 3 ½, with the front of the card showing a photo of the player against a wood grain background.

Very little about card backs are ever discussed, but the reverse side can be very interesting. They complete a picture by providing information that people might not know. A wealth of info. Fun, funny and useful facts with trivia about all aspects of baseball. The cartoons on the back appealed to kids and adults alike. Some included quizzes about baseball history or baseball rules.

As was the case with Topps cards of that period, the set was issued in seven series at different times during that year. Series One consists of cards 1 – 109, Series Two is cards 110-196, Series Three is cards 197-283, Series Four is cards 284-370, Series Five is cards 371-446, Series Six is cards 447-522, and Series Seven is cards 523-598.

Series Seven cards 523-598. short print high number cards

Adding to the difficulty of attaining the complete set was the fact that it is an extremely condition sensitive set, due to its simulated wood grain front and borders which are very susceptible to chipping. Series Two, contains cards that come in two different variations, the regular issue and the tougher "green tint" version.

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